There were 3 examples I came across this week where a professional made an impression on a client. Not everyone realizes this, but this is marketing. And sometimes the cost is very little, or nothing at all, to make this impression.

Providing exceptional customer service…that’s marketing.

Being persistent when prospecting but respectful and doing things a little different…that’s marketing.

Thanking a customer…that’s marketing.

Every Customer Interaction

This week a friend of mine was paid a compliment by his client. “Dan, you always take such good care of us”. His company provides energy efficient lighting to businesses, saving them a tremendous amount of money each month on their lighting bill. Depending on the size of the business, they can save a couple thousand dollars per month. But often, there are state rebates available to the customer who is upgrading to energy efficient lighting, but they are unaware of these rebates. It’s a time-consuming process to apply for the rebates, then file for them…that is, if you even know they exist. Dan’s client this week was processing the paperwork herself, rather than pay the professional (Dan) to do it for her and she was having trouble getting it done. Dan was able to clean it up for her in a matter of 30 minutes. Happy client. Ensuring more business to come from this company. Yes, that’s marketing.

A client of mine was prospecting and a guy he has never been able to speak with, finally set a meeting with him. After calling multiple times for a couple of years, he sent him a handwritten note. He then followed up by phone, and the prospect remembered the note and agreed to meet with him. Do a little something out of the ordinary, take the time to personalize it and it may stand out from the crowd. That’s marketing.

Thank You Note

This week, I received a handwritten thank you note from a jewelry store salesman, who helped me when I brought my watch in for a battery change and servicing. It was my first time visiting that store. It was a very small transaction. But the interaction was memorable, when I didn’t really give it any thought at the time, as I left the store. Small gesture. Memorable. That’s marketing.

These instances struck me because they all happened within a short amount of time and they were each an example of something we just do not see any more when engaging with companies. Great customer service seems to be a thing of the past. Salesmen who prospect never seem to be respectful these days, hounding you to the point where it feels like stalking. Then when you do become a customer and they receive payment from you, your salesperson is nowhere to be found if you need help or are having an issue.

Marketing. It’s a lot of things. Customer service is one of them and it should be a priority in your company. It should also be a part of your marketing plan and planned marketing initiatives.


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