Welcome to Monday and a day where we can set the tone for the week and make things happen. This roundup talks about what a content strategy is not, how marketing has changed from the “old days”, types of content that is good for link-building, unexpected lead sources, and VERY interesting YouTube viewing stats. Hopefully you had a great weekend and are ready to go! Keep learning!


Content marketing shouldn’t be a whim. It should be a large part of your marketing plan and it should be on a calendar. The best content works well with your other marketing initiatives, with all activities complementing each other. You will get the most use out of your content and the best ROI. If you are making the effort, why not improve your chances to get the best results?

Not a Strategy


We, as marketers, must adjust and change with the times. What worked many years ago, may not work today. Even a couple of years ago – you may have had success with a campaign that would not be successful today. That’s OK. Keep in mind that marketing today is very customer-focused and customer-driven. Our customers today expect a lot from the companies they engage. Be sure you and your company are the ones who provide the information they want and need. It’s an essential element of marketing in modern times.

What is Marketing Today in the Year 2018

Marketing in 2018


Content Marketing is important today but there are some pieces of content that work better than others for effective link-building. It’s not a one-size-fits-all for all businesses but content that provides valuable information is almost always a good bet to help you get the best attention, links, and leads. Content is your best chance at being found, helping an inquisitive customer or prospect, and providing valuable information which helps customers solve their problems and pain points.

5 Types of Content That Naturally Attract Links

Content types for link building


It’s all about leads. Everything you are doing from a marketing perspective. Everything you do from a sales perspective. It is always about getting new, quality leads. Take advantage of all the tools and opportunities for lead sources you may not have considered in the past.

10 Unexpected Lead Sources for B2B Marketers

Live Chat


These statistics may surprise you. Did you know that the Baby Boomer generation has a 10% higher rate of viewing and higher click-through rate on YouTube? This indicates higher engagement from this audience segment. Although a big focus is on the Millennial generation, don’t forget a generation that has very large purchase power.

Advertising on YouTube? Here’s Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Baby Boomers

YouTube Viewing

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