It’s time for another Monday and the start of another week, a short week for some because it’s President’s Day. This roundup talks about customer retention, choosing logo colors, why you should or shouldn’t do content marketing, voice and visual search, and social media planning. How do you keep up on all that is going on in marketing today? Enjoy your day off, if you are lucky enough to have a company celebrating the holiday. You can catch up with us on Tuesday.

Non-marketers don’t believe it, but social media marketing takes much effort and planning. Don’t believe all those articles that say, “you can do social media marketing in 20 minutes or less per day”. It needs planning, a good understand of your brand and goals of your brand, lots of research, and finding the perfect image.

As marketing is ever-changing each day that goes by, marketers must keep up with the technology responsible for these progress-induced changes. Voice and visual search is growing. It will continue to grow. Is your content marketing “speaking” to this technology?

Voice, Visual Searching Seen Driving Online Commerce


Content Marketing is important in this online, digital “instant answers”, “instant gratification” world we live in. But be sure you are implementing a content marketing campaign for the right reasons. The SEO benefits, because it’s a popular trend, and you think this is a quick fix to your business problems – these are all bad reasons to have a content marketing campaign. Education prospects and current customers – this is a great reason for this initiative.

The 7 Worst Reasons for a Content Marketing Campaign

Understanding your brand is an important component of creating the perfect logo. Understanding the meaning of colors and how they correspond to your brand makes creating the perfect logo much easier than simply guessing or using colors that are incompatible to your brand values. The psychology of colors is an interesting topic and it helps people connect with your brand.

Choosing Logo Color When Starting Fresh

Customer retention is an important part of any business because it costs a company 5X less to keep a current customer than it does to acquire new customers. Of course, you want to do both simultaneously But do not get comfortable and take your current customers for granted. Plan on a consistent effort to maintain the relationship with them. Customers you retain is a good business while growth can be your new customers.

7 Low-Cost Ways to Help Improve Customer Retention

If you have any questions about marketing or would like to talk marketing, I love to hear from people who love to talk about business success. Feel free to reach out to me. I would love to speak with you!



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