I came across this article today and I think this idea is brilliant. I wish I receive coding training when I worked for past employers!

I am the type of marketer that likes to understand how it all works. Whether it is an email program or website code, even a design program, I love understanding how it works. I like to roll up my sleeves and be the “do it” person, even if it is just to try it. It helps me know what it takes to get a project done, versus just guessing that a particular function is easy or difficult, time-consuming or a quick fix. But it’s the understanding of how technology works, what it can do for us and all its present and future capabilities that I just find to be so helpful and frankly, exhilarating. I have been able to make changes and do quick fixes without having to disturb a web developer by figuring out the code on my own. That makes me so happy!

If given the opportunity, would you want to participate in a required program like this in your company?


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