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With many years of marketing under my belt, I find the brand discovery and brand development process to be the MOST essential element in the marketing process. Until we truly understand what our brand stands for… how do we authentically connect, communicate and touch the hearts and minds of our audience? So, I say, “Reveal Yourself.”

Yes, maybe I go a bit overboard with the ‘brand’ thing, but until we understand the depth and meaning of a brand… how then, do we develop logos, colors, fonts, message, personality, voice and actions of the brand? Key areas of exploration into a brand includes, determining such values as: brand, traits, personality, message, voice, values, visual representation, positioning, mission/vision, and how to best represent the brand in all that you do.

Brand development serves several purposes: it provides clarity of the brand, meaning and purpose of the brand; it sets the standards and criteria for how you operate as a brand – internally and externally; and it prescribes the manner, voice, message, visual representation and experience you want your customers to have. Your brand is up front and personal, and shows itself in all that you do: the way you answer the phone, in your email messages, marketing materials and communications with customers and vendors – your brand is really determined by others, and their experience of the brand. They determine what your brand really stands for… so make your brand count. Determine the type of experience you want each customer to have… and be consistent in message, voice, personality and action – and deliver on that experience.

You might ask the big brands of the world why they put so much effort and money into their branding and marketing programs… and you might discover that brands really matter. In 2011, these were the tops three brands of the world and the value of their brands: Apple’s brand was valued at $153 billion… Google’s brand was valued at $111 billion… IBM’s brand was valued at $100 billion… and so on.

Your brand has its own value and hopefully, it’s an asset. I encourage you to develop your brand and live it, every day.

Kindly…  Diane

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