I enjoy articles like this because I always like to learn what motivates successful entrepreneurs. Each of the entrepreneurs highlighted had a great story to tell drawing from very different lives, experiences and motivations. And I found it interesting that different things worked for different people—for example, one of the entrepreneurs in the article talked about doing everything wrong at first, including having no business plan or growth strategy while another talks about goals being essential.

Their advice to young entrepreneurs is sound advice:

“Sometimes the ones who love you the most will give you the worst business advice.”

“Try to shoot for a timeless business.”

“It’s important you seek out other business owners for information, advice, support and resources.”

“Having goals is absolutely critical.”

“Keep your business small . . . niche yourself.”

“There is constantly some fire that you have to put out . . . Don’t let it discourage you.”

I wanted to share this article because each of these stories and the individual advice from each entrepreneur resonates with me. With some hard work, sound business decisions and perseverance…who knows what can happen!

Enjoy the article!

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