There is a nice mix of subjects in these very interesting articles. Enjoy and have a great Monday!

How Brands Should Think About Facebook: a Loyalty Program
I think this thought makes a lot of sense. A loyalty program makes your customer feel special. It’s almost like a special relationship. Facebook is definitely a lot like that. And loyalty is more important than ever, particularly in tough economies.

5 Social Media Tips for Scoring Your Next Job
This is an article everyone should read. Remember…you are what you post (in today’s world). That could be a very big positive but it can be an even larger negative if you do it un-intelligently. Employers and recruiters are using the internet and googling you when they are considering you for a job. Make your online presence something positive and something you can utilize to your advantage.

Never Ask a Prospect These Questions
There are some good alternatives listed here to the overdone and overused questions we have all heard.

Social Commerce Statistics
This article is a must-read for those who think social media is a waste of time or “I don’t get involved in that” or any other variation that you have heard. I can’t stress it enough—it’s here whether or not we like it and I think it will be here long-term. It’s another form of word-of-mouth marketing and I think we all believe in the power of word-of-mouth.

Five Ways You Can Get Started With QR Code Marketing
QR codes are another tool that levels the playing field for small businesses. What do you think about QR codes and can they help your business?

Three Ways to Find an Edge in a Crowded Market
Particularly for small businesses, you need to figure out ways to be unique. I go back to planning. You need to really think it out.

How to Keep an Angry Customer
These are four very smart points, that if you can do it, I say do it. Customers just want value and satisfaction when they have made a purchase. Provide it to them.

Your Baby Boomer Employees Aren’t Going Anywhere Soon
Times have changed and we have 3 generations all working in the same work force. Have you thought about how you can best take advantage of all this experience of the earlier generation coupled with the enthusiasm of youth and the knowledge of technology of the younger generations?

Content Strategy: 7 Tips to Make Your Blog Stickier
I like this article. There are some good tips in here, particularly #4.

Facebook: Hot, Not, Or Lukewarm? [OPINION]
I agree with the writer, the MySpace/Facebook analogy really is not a proper analogy. Do you think Facebook is cooling down?

How the Discovery Channel Uses Social Media to Connect With Superfans
I like this article. The Discovery Channel talks about how their social media strategy is part of their marketing plan (I love that—a marketing plan). But it is obvious and clear to see that they are really doing a good job in mixing and using all their marketing activities cohesively with each other. That is key and you are getting the most out of all your activities by making sure you are 1.) using each activity as much as you can and multiple times and 2.) using all your activities cohesively and to complement each other.

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