Happy Monday! There are some good articles in here from last week’s reading. Enjoy and learn.

How to Recover From a Social Media PR Disaster
I think one sentence in this article says it all about how to deal with a social media and PR disaster–At the end of the day, it’s about being brutally honest and humanizing the brand whenever possible.

What Kind Of Workspace Is Best For Your Startup?
The wonderful advancements in technology have made owning a small business much more viable than ever before. But so have things like co-working offices. And with today’s technology, it makes working from home possible, if an office space in not in the budget. It’s a great time to be a business owner.

The top 10 SEO Myths
I can never learn enough about SEO. This article busts some SEO myths. It’s a valuable read and I certainly learned from the article.

Four Things Mark Zuckerberg Should Tell Every CMO
One of the key things he says here is that social engagement is for the long-term. It’s something marketers need to understand.

How One Family Business Stays Independent
I am always interested in reading about family businesses, what they do and how they go about running their business. Working with family is a tough thing to do. Not everyone can do it. There were some good points here when the family found they needed to rely less on one area of their business and when they needed to figure out a way to cut costs.

What to Do When Your Business Starts to Fail
If your business starts to fail, there are things you can do to try and turn it around. And as I have said for a while, planning is important for success.

How to Keep an Angry Customer
This article has good advice about how to retain those customers who complain. I am big on providing great customer service and it’s very important to remember the cost of getting new customers. The customer may not always be right, but if they have a reasonable request in resolving a situation, do it or at least, consider it.

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