Here are some good articles from last week that caught my interest. This post is a day late but hopefully helps towards a Happy Tuesday. There is a good mix of topics in these articles from last week…so ENJOY!

HOW TO: Utilize Social Data More Effectively
There are some really good thoughts in here. Social media may be difficult to measure but there are definite marketing uses for this channel.

Missouri Forbids Teachers and Students to Be Facebook Friends
This is a very interesting topic. What do you think—should teachers and students being Facebook friends be illegal, like this bill that will be passed in Missouri? With technology, internet, social media and all other technologies still to come, this question will be something that continues to come up.

Inside Sports Illustrated: Building a Magazine for the Digital Age
This is a really interesting look at how Sports Illustrated leads the way for digital magazines. In fact, they don’t even consider themselves a magazine but rather, a sports media company. For those who say print is dead, they need to figure out a digital way to stay relevant. Some of them have done it already. I liked, in particular, that they recognize the fact that they need to provide their content to their readers in the manner they choose to receive it.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints
This is the Top 10 consumer complaints. Listen up business—a current customer is easier and less expensive to keep than obtaining a new customer. Be sure you are on the right side of a customer’s comments. The success of your business depends on it.

Scooter Nation: Bike Sales Soar Amid High Gas Prices
This article is a good argument for niche businesses. Find your niche and fill a market need!

Home Shopping Networks Go High-End
Maybe the home shopping networks should be considered as one of your sales channels.

Rewards Cards: Consumers Love ‘Em, Retailers Don’t
To accept reward cards or not accept them—that is the question. It’s a tough call because consumers love to be rewarded for their purchases.

What’s a Facebook Fan Worth? Depends on How Many Friends They Have
This is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. Tell a friend who tells a friend and so on and so on and so on. It’s just that it’s a Facebook friend and you are “telling” them via a status update.

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