It’s Monday again…and boy does it get here fast! Here’s to a great week for everyone. I have gathered a few articles I found to be worth reading. Happy reading!

Reaching 200 Million Accounts: Twitter’s Explosive Growth [INFOGRAPHIC]
Are you one of Twitter’s 200 million tweeps? I know I am.

Top 5 Business Uses for the iPad
The iPad has many uses for business. It certainly can make you life easier. I have a client who uses it for presentations to potentials customers.

5 Personal Problems Preventing Your Business from Prospering
There were some very good points in this article. There are some in here that I hadn’t considered, so it was an interesting take on the subject.

Why You Don’t Need a Business Plan
This is a different kind of article. The writer states that business plans are not needed for business success. I don’t really agree with anything, mostly, that he said in this article. But it is a good article to bring forward. There certainly are examples where there was no business plan but there was great success but I would guess that this is the exception rather than the rule. I am wondering—what do you think?

8 Ways to Make Your Online Content Stand Out
With content being such an important part of marketing and business today, this article has some good tips in it. Valuable content is not easy.

Netflix Tries to Ride Out Wave of Customer Anger
Netflix is a perfect example of a company that did not know their customer (like they thought they did) and acted without a good plan of communication. It was understandable why customers felt angry when they were receiving a 60% price increase for the same exact service they already were receiving. This company underestimated their customers. What a way to kill much of the great brand equity they had. Let’s see how this plays out.

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