Are you tracking and watching what people (customers, potential customers) are saying about you and your company? There are still a lot of folks out there that are not accepting the fact that social is a real and viable marketing/business channel today.

But it is…

I am telling you…you will be behind the curve and trying to catch up if you do not accept the fact that this channel is alive and well and will probably have a very long life, in whatever form it takes in the future.

Here’s a real life example of a local Arizona company that doesn’t seem to know (or care) what people are saying about them. That being said, it seems like this company operates in a less than honorable and transparent manner anyway, so I am not surprised if they just don’t care what people may be saying about them. My experience with this company has been extremely unpleasant and very annoying and I am not even a customer! As a result, do you think I will ever be a customer or ever recommend them to anyone?

So here’s the story (which seems to be very much like other people’s story too):

Just about every day, I receive a phone call from this company. They do not leave messages and on occasion, I have answered the phone. The last time I answered the phone, the woman on the other end started the conversation by telling me she wanted to schedule my regular spring maintenance. I told her I was not a customer and I have a regular A/C company. She proceeded to ask me when the servicing was done. I told her “none of her business”. She asked if I am happy with the company. I told her “none of her business”. I then asked her to remove me from their list. They are calling a business line and I am on the “Do Not Call” registry. I still get phone calls from them.

I decided to do some research on the internet about them and I come to find out that there are many complaints from others having the same issue with them. Because there were many bad reviews on Yelp, I decided to report them to the registry, like others have done.

So my question for them is—do you know what people are saying about you? I first found the negative comments on because they include Yelp reviews. Then I went to Yelp to read all the reviews. There was not one single positive review. Not only that, on a scale of 1-10 in negativity, they were a 10!

There were no responses from the company. There were no apologies from the company. There were no explanations from the company. There was no indication they even saw these comments or cared about the comments.

Check it out and see what people are saying. Would you let your company be talked about like this? I know I would not.

Here are some places where you can track what’s being said about you and your company.!home

You do so much to make your company successful. Don’t ignore these kinds of things!

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