Welcome to Monday! Here is a compilation of some interesting articles I came across last week that I think will be helpful to some and just interesting for all who read them. Enjoy!

Funny Business: A generation of comedians is changing the ad world with humor (and smarts, too)
Comedy and funny ads tend to be memorable, often creating brand advocates in the process.

How To Claim Your Business On Facebook Places
Here’s another free tool for businesses.

Ten Brands That Will Disappear in 2012
Some may be a bit of a surprise and some are no surprise at all. It’s hard to see long-term, tried-and-true brands go away.

Tory Burch to entrepreneurs: Embrace change
Fashion designer Tory Burch has some sound advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs. I also like 2 things in this article—she encourages big business to help and mentor small business and she talks about how much effort she put into defining her brand before she launched. Also, she has a foundation that empowers women by helping them start their own businesses.

How Entrepreneurs Can Conquer Fear of Selling
I know I hate to sell but I feel good that one of the suggestions of the author of the article is something that I am doing. So I am on the right track.

How to Promote Your Business Blog with Social Media
Small business never had so many tools (that are free) to aide them in their daily marketing. These tools allow you to compete with the big guys more so now than ever before. If you are blogging, utilize as many tools as possible to gain an audience of readers.

Why Savvy Businesses Field Customer Questions on Twitter
I can relate to this article because I was once transferred EIGHT times during one phone call, even after I explained to customer service rep #6 how many times I had be already transferred. I think the stats are interesting where customers were more likely to do business with a company who answered a tweet query. It’s smart for companies to get ahead of the curve and their competitors and be social media savvy.

5 Free Tools for Creating a Screencast
Here are some more free tools that may be helpful in your marketing efforts.

5 Time-Saving Tools For Content Curation
With only 24 hours in a day, these tools can help gather content for you.

Skype Adds More Facebook Features
More integration between Facebook and Skype.

This Is Not Your Father’s Army National Guard
This Ad Age article shows how the National Guard fully understands their target audience, and how this target audience likes to receive their information. Understanding this allows them to create the right marketing campaigns and brand awareness.

How to Make YouTube Part Of Your Social Media Marketing
This article provides a great argument for you to get YouTube into your marketing plan.

SEO blogging tips for business
If you blog, this article gives some helpful tips as it relates to SEO and your blogging efforts.

44 New Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed
A bounty of resources.

4 PRO PR-Optimization Strategies: SEO, Video, Local & Social
I may say content, content, content. Now be sure to optimize all your content.

Building a Buzz in Social Media Ahead of Traditional Marketing
This is a great example of showing a strategy that includes the new with the traditional—both kinds of marketing are necessary and it’s finding the right blend that is important.

Why SEO Disgusts Me
I agree with the writer of this article. It’s either “black hat” or “white hat” SEO practices, not “gray hat”. This is (kind of) like the honest ballplayer cannot compete with the steroid-using players so he must do it too. Ugh!

Facebook and Social Media Marketing
It’s an interesting thought this writer had about some marketing activities and why we do them. His theory is to diversify (your marketing), much like a stock portfolio. Not a bad idea or a bad reason do to so.


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