There are so many terrific, free tools to help small businesses today. Never before, like right now, have we been able to do so much with available technology. With all this technology, it is helping small businesses compete in the same space as the big guys. Between websites, blogs, email marketing, social media, video and more…did you ever think, as a small business, that you would be doing all this? In some cases, all this content, creativity and use of the technology is coming directly from you.

Even though there are many marketing activities that you could, and should be doing, they don’t all have to be the newer, more modern techniques. I have said it many times, we all need to find the perfect blend of new marketing methods and the traditional. There are many, many activities that are still as important as ever.

When is the last time you sent a handwritten “Thank You” note to a current customer? What did you do to thank a customer who sent their friends or family to your business?

There are some things that never go out of style. In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that your brand development and brand identity work is still something that is so important and something that cannot be eliminated from your marketing plan.

Another marketing technique you should not forget…just because it’s not flashy or sexy. Do not ignore Word-of-Mouth Marketing when you are creating your marketing plan and implementing your processes and activities. And with today’s available technology, W-O-M Marketing is easier than ever to communicate with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances.

With Word-of-Mouth Marketing, a Customer Referral Program is a key element to successfully “spread the word” about your products or services. Do you have one in place right now?

Keep in mind some things when you are creating your Customer Referral Program:

  • Provide clear guidelines so that it is easy for people to refer their friends to your business.
  • Define what exactly a referral means to you so that there are no misunderstandings. (For example: is a referral merely giving names and contact information or does it need to be a completed transaction?)
  • Will you offer an incentive for referrals…a “Refer a Friend” program?
  • Will you offer an incentive for the new customer who has been referred to you?
  • Be sure it’s a program you can afford. You want it to be a win-win for everyone involved—your business, your customer and your new customer.
  • Is the program time-based with an start and end date?

You don’t want referrals to be solely based on incentives. You want to do such a good job making your customer happy that they willingly and happily tell everyone they know about your business. But a Customer Referral Program is a marketing activity worth thinking about and planning for in your overall marketing plan.

Who can forget the old, old Faberge line from their commercials?

I told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on.

That is a GOOD thing for your business.


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