It’s Monday again! Where did the weekend go? I came across some interesting articles last week that I think are worthwhile. Happy reading!

3 Important Legal Considerations for Bloggers
It’s worthwhile educating yourself of the laws when you are blogging, particularly when you review products or advertise. There have been some law changes that are good to know about.


Social Networking Accounts for 1 of Every 6 Minutes Spent Online [STATS]
I think this is a stat that business and their marketing departments must consider. Remember—how do your customers want to receive their information is a very important consideration. Social media IS an important channel, whether or not you want to believe it.

Social Media Is a Venue, Not a Strategy
I have been saying this for a while. You need a marketing plan that includes all kinds of different activities. The idea is to figure out how you can integrate all your marketing channels into cohesive activities that complement each other. This is how you will get the most out of your marketing. Social Media is a channel, and just one channel at that albeit inportant.

Barack Obama to Start Tweeting From @BarackObama Account
This will be very interesting to see in this upcoming Presidential campaign (although I am not ready for another campaign). I am also interested in seeing, to what extent, his opponents will utilize social media.

Behind the Scenes on 8 Innovative Social Media Campaigns
Eight articles all in one. There are some interesting approaches in how these marketers planned their campaigns. It’s a good read.

Study offers grim news on deal sites like Groupon
This is an interesting report about deal site users, like Groupon. It makes you, as a marketer and business owner, really give thought to the type of customer you want to bring in to your business when you are giving an offer.

Five Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing That You Might Not Know About
Some of these points were good ones. There are so many free tools out there. If you just know how best to use them, you will be able take advantage of freebies that businesses did not have even a few years ago.

10 Must-Haves for Better Word-of-Mouth Marketing
Word-of-Mouth Marketing can sometimes be the forgotten marketing activity and is often under-resourced. There are some good tips in this article.

Six Quick-Hit Marketing Ideas for Social Media
I like the idea of mini-campaigns and spreading out your content across multiple media. Again, this goes back to planning and getting the most out of each of your marketing efforts and activities, each and every time.

Why Branding Is a Luxury for Small Businesses
I am not sure I totally agree with this blog but there are some good points. Branding definitely requires much effort and I find that small businesses do have a hard time dedicating resources for branding.

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