I liked this Ad Age article because it validated a couple of things I have been saying for a while. I will try NOT to “preach” but I am a firm believer, as a marketer, that a good marketing plan is essential to any organization’s success. In this plan, you need multiple, cohesive marketing activities working in conjunction with each other and complementing each other in order to build brand awareness.

Too many businesses (and even marketers) fall in love with the “next best thing” and put all their concentration into that area alone. In today’s world of marketing, social media surely fits into that category.

The 2 things I really liked in this article was the writer saying that social media is a venue not a strategy. It’s true—it is a channel and one of multiple channels in which you are probably working.

The other thing he said was the strategy needs to be asking the questions—how can I make my brand more social and how can this activity complement the other things we are doing?

Dependent on the marketing activity and channel, you would ask yourself certain questions when planning your marketing strategy in order to present your brand in the best light—whether it be TV, radio, print or online. The same goes for the channel of social media—make sure you are asking the right question!

Here is the Ad Age article:



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