Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

The week in review–Here are some good articles I came across this past week.

Enjoy and happy reading.

Happy Monday!

7 Tips for Optimizing Images and Videos on Your Site

7 Tips for Optimizing Images and Videos on Your Site
Be sure to optimize images and videos on your site. Take a look at this articles for tips on how to do so.

Focus Your Marketing Plan on Your Customers
Every business needs marketing. This means a marketing plan. Start with determining who your customers are, what they want and how they want to receive their information and your marketing plan will be easier to create.

The Producers: Books and Video in 2011
As tablet computers surge, will video be publishing’s next big hit?

Social Networks Offer a Way to Narrow the Field of Friends
It’ll be interesting to see if any of these alternatives to Facebook and the like, will take off and become relevant.


6 Small Business Websites to Learn From
Sometimes a business tries to be too fancy or clever or impress with over-the-top with design. But you may not actually be accomplishing your goals. Some good advice in this article.

Your New Waiter Is a Tablet
Very cool new business—we have all experienced trying to figure out the bill with a group of people. Will their business model work?


Anonymous or Transparent: Which Side Are You On?
This is a very interesting debate. My vote—transparency. Much like everyone needs a credit history, whether or not you want to use credit cards, an online presence is important these days.

Amazon E-Books Outsell Print Books
The popularity of e-books grew quicker than I expected.

8 Words That Should Never Appear in Your Twitter Bio
Some of those words make me cringe too. I am a firm believer if you have to tell someone you are something…chances are, you are not.


SEO Less Technical, More About Reputation
Top quality text and legitimate links are key.

Marketing versus selling
Interesting look at the various definitions of marketing over time.

Looking to Enhance Your Customer Experience and Generate New Revenue? Start with Your Contact Center
Customer service, the customer experience and customer loyalty—they are all no-brainers in which to put your efforts. I don’t understand why this is not a priority for many companies.


Powerful Customer Service Drives New Customers, Retention, and Revenue
Love the emphasis on customer service. Great “Try This” recommendations in this article.

10 Marketing Tips for Time-Pressed Lawyers
Not traditionally thought of as a profession that needs marketing, but times have changed. Some good advice here in this article.

The New Rules of Building Customer Loyalty
Greatest word in this article are “creating customer experiences”. That will be a successful business over the long-term.

Please contact Anna Brice at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, Scottsdale AZ about Marketing for Small/Medium Business.
Please contact Anna Brice at Pinnacle Peak Marketing, Scottsdale AZ about Marketing for Small/Medium Business.

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