This is a worthwhile article to read for businesses that are trying to figure out how to go about marketing their company. It’s also a good read for those business owners who think they do not need to do any marketing at all. Three of the seven steps they list in the article are some of my favorite things to talk about:

  • Planning before doing
  • Thinking like a publisher
  • Following your plan (your marketing calendar)

Too often business owners jump in without thinking and planning. There’s a lot of talk of hip new things to be doing but often there is no thought to goals, target audience and how each marketing activity will work with other activities cohesively.

Is there thought to how this helps build your brand, both online and offline?

Is this is one-time activity or do you need continuity in order to see results?

Should you use only new, modern marketing techniques or should you blend new and traditional marketing? 

Planning, Planning, Planning…Content, Content, Content…Strategy, Marketing Plan, Strategy, Marketing Plan…

So VERY important…do not ignore them…make them a priority!

Check out the article: