I saw this article on B-to-B Online and the article says that the U.S News & World Report is ceasing their monthly print publication. This is a perfect example on how things have changed for the print industry (books, magazines, newspapers etc). It also shows how a few things have changed:

  • How people are reading or receiving their information and news
  • How preferences for reading or receiving information and news may have changed
  • How companies are advertising–diversifying between several different methods as opposed to using only one method

There are so many choices these days–online, print, TV, radio and others. I wrote a previous post about the fact that successful marketing today is a blending of new and traditional marketing activities. See the post–The Blending of New and Traditional Marketing.

We will be seeing more and more of this in the future (print media going digital). Progress in technology will dictate these types of changes. This doesn’t mean that you should not consider traditional means of marketing when you are creating your marketing plan. The best idea–blend the new with the traditional. Keep in mind the points listed above when you are planning your marketing strategy. They are important points if you want to optimize your reach.

Read the article about the U.S News & World Report at: