Not everyone is convinced that social media is a viable marketing channel that warrants time and effort resources from their company. I think that’s a mistake.

Do not misunderstand what I am saying–I DO NOT believe social media is the ONLY worthwhile marketing activity that all companies should consider as an important element of their marketing plan. But I do think this is one of those things–a new element of today’s marketing that marketers and companies need to adjust to and understand. A refusal to understand/accept its value is equal to those people and companies who can’t/don’t “move their cheese”.

In the articles listed below, they specifically highlight what Gatorade is doing. Obviously Gatorade has many resources that small businesses just do not have. But their social media activities show that there is a value as it pertains to increased mentions, SEO and receiving real-time data from customers. These things are important and social media is just another marketing activity that can be done to accomplish these tasks and goals.

While small business does not have the same resources as a company like Gatorade, taking advantage of available marketing avenues is a good takeaway for me from these articles.

Social Media: A Marketing Dream for Some

Inside Gatorade’s Social Media ‘Mission Control’