From a marketing perspective, Oakley Sunglasses has been very smart this past week. They are capitalizing on one of the biggest stories of the year and receiving a large amount of exposure as a result. And what is the total cost? It’s relatively small as far as marketing activities go. At a retail cost of $180 per pair of glasses,  I bet this is one of their least expensive “promotions” for what we are seeing in their increase in web search results. And when you consider that, in the last 24 hours, web searches for “Oakley Sunglasses” and “Chile Miner Oakley Sunglasses” have each risen over 1000%, I would say this is money well spent.

I will be very interested in seeing the sales numbers a month from now.

From a human perspective, this is one of the best stories I have seen in a long time. All we seem to hear is all the bad and sad stuff–the economy, foreclosures, job losses, violence in the world and lots more. I was completely hooked on the live viewing of the rescue.  I am so happy that every single miner and the 5 rescuers all are now above ground and safe.

And kudos to Oakley. I just visited their site. They do not seem to be “screaming” the news of their donation and taking advantage of the life and death reality that was, this past week. They do list the story of their donation to the miners in the Community and the Community News  sections of their website, but it is not splashed prominently all over their site. You actually have to do a little searching to find the stories. Well done and tastefully respectful.

Read on Yahoo Buzz: Chile Miners Keep the Shades On

Oakley Website:

And welcome home to the miners!