As stated in this article by Entrepreneur, taking great care of your customers is always a worthwhile policy.

Customer Service may not be considered a facet of marketing by many people. But in my opinion, GREAT customer service should be an important element of every marketing plan. Businesses that do not place importance on their customer service (to ensure their customers have a pleasant customer experience) are missing an opportunity to retain a customer, build loyalty, create referral chances, differentiate the company from competitors and show their customers that they live their brand.

I cannot be the only person who values a good customer experience. And I cannot be the only one that will not continue to be a customer of a business when I have been “mistreated” by that business.

Whether we are in good economic times or bad economic times, taking great care of your customers should be a “given”. Is there really ever an instance where you have too much business and can afford to let some customers leave you. If you treat them well in good times, chances are they will stick with you during the bad times.

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