Planning and strategy is essential to a successful marketing plan. Implementing a combination of various marketing activities, both traditional and new, is a smart way to maximize your marketing dollars and grow your business. The idea is to utilize your various resources and activities to complement each other and tie it altogether, strategically, to present cohesive brand messaging.

In my Mini (Blog) Series, I will post a series of “briefs” that highlight different marketing activities, one at a time. Part 1 will highlight the use of video.

Video is often used as a tool to capture the attention of a potential customer and can differentiate you and your company from your competitors. Not everyone is doing it. Communication is so important in today’s marketing and video personalizes this communication with your customers.

According to a study by the Wharton School of Business:

  • Video boosts comprehension and retention by 50% over live presentations.
  • An advantage of video marketing is its ability to engage potential customers by stimulating their senses—sight, sound and emotions. Potential customers are, thereby, more compelled to purchase.

Other industry studies show:

  • Video expedites the purchasing decision by 72% vs. print.
  • Six times as many people prefer video to printed information.

Video can be re-purposed many times, utilizing it in email and social media campaigns, in blog posts, at trade shows and, and on your website. It is a format that, I believe, will be a vital and important tool for the future. But utilizing video now may give you the all-important edge over your competitors in the present.