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The objective of Pinnacle Peak Marketing:

Provide large and small enterprises with a flexible and reliable outsource marketing service. 

Simply defined, On-Demand Marketing Services are:

  • A method to outsource marketing resources, utilizing only the services needed
  • A means to obtain assistance in implementing marketing activities
  • A system to complement current, internal marketing teams and skills to meet company goals

Pinnacle Peak Marketing offers On-Demand Marketing, a full menu of marketing services. The menu is designed to allow clients to pick and choose only those services needed to accomplish their business goals, without paying for services not essential to their needs.

On-Demand Marketing Services

  • A flexible menu of services to meet the needs of an organization
  • Clients to define the scope of their needs: management of large or small projects, long-term or short-term assignments, or work performed on an hourly, contingency, retainer or project-by-project basis
  • An organization’s marketing function to utilize marketing resources, on an as-needed basis
  • Customization of a marketing plan for each individual organization, designed with their specific needs and business goals in mind
  • Resources to be used wisely and in a manner advantageous to the bottom line